Welcome to Great Glen Classics.

I’m Alexander, I buy and sell classic cars on a part-time basis. I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Strathclyde University, but work in management consulting on a day-to-day basis. These days my hands may be mostly clean of oil and grease, but my old man was a mechanic. I’m still quite handy after a childhood spent lying under old cars.

I particularly like cars from the 80s. Doesn’t everyone have fond memories of the magazine and poster cars of their childhood?

My approach is simple, I follow auctions, classifieds and events searching for rare and unusual cars in good condition. Especially those that are undervalued when considering rarity and potential demand.

The motor trade can be opaque and it lacks transparancy. The ‘shady dealer’ stereotype exists for good reason. Of course, there are good dealers and enthusiasts out there. But there are also a lot of conmen and dishonest people.

My approach is different. I will always share everything I know about the cars I have. This includes the price I pay and the cost of any repairs undertaken. It is no secret that the average profit margin in the motor trade is around 20%. With that in mind, all my cars are available for sale with a 20% uplift on the cost to me. After paying my corporation tax bill, that still leaves a little profit to invest in the search for more interesting cars.

The aim is to find the right owner for a given car.

In stock

Some cars may not be available for sale immediately while repairs are undertaken.