Toyota CelicaSupra

1985 Toyota Celica Supra, model number MA61.

  • Engine: 5M-GE 2,759cc dual overhead cam developing 180PS;
  • Drivetrain: W58 5-speed manual;
  • Interesting features: digital dash, p-type wing arch flares, factory metal sliding sunroof;
  • Stainless steel exhaust.


  • As can be seen in the pictures, this Celica Supra is in very good condition & looks great;
  • The chassis, cavities, sills, wings etc. are all completely free from corrosion. In general these Celica Supra’s suffered very badly from rust in the UK. However, this one has clearly been stored inside. Close inspection shows that the chassis and cavities have been comprehensively treated / sealed and it’s therefore in very good condition;
  • The cabin interior is unmarked and more or less perfect. However, boot carpets do show some staining.

Planned works / attention required:

  • Will need a replacement windscreen at some point due to a crack in the o/s bottom corner;
  • Minor rust bubbling along the top of the windscreen (makes sense to treat with above);
  • Either a replacement clutch or potentially rebuild of clutch cylinder (will investigate);
  • Alloys have some pitting and would want to polish/refurbish at some point;
  • Would benefit from replacement n/s indicator glass, current one is a bit discoloured.

This is a genuine example of a survivor car. Most of them rusted to nothing and minimal work is needed to make it perfect.

This car also comes with one of the best folders of documents I’ve seen. All original manuals, receipts for all work, past MOTs etc. And further also includes some photographs from previous owners. It’s a good sign the car was very well loved and cared for.

Thoughts on the CelicaSupra:

Given the image of the MKIV Supra, you could be fooled into thinking of the MK2 MA61 as a sports car. It’s better to think of it as a grand tourer. They aren’t super fast by modern standards, and they are a bit soft. But this makes for an awesome tourer. The Celica Supra puts a genuine smile on your face on the twisties or a motorway. Despite being a bit soft, it has more traction than you would expect and is quite fun to drive. Normally V6s aren’t the most exciting sounding engines, but the 5M GE does have a bit of a burble, it sounds surprisingly good. I have found myself uncharaceristically doing a few vanity revs at the lights.

In terms of Japanese retro, 1980s angular design, pop-up headlights, digital dash etc. I think this MA61 Celica Supra nails the vibe!